Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

As a TV news reporter, which included covering a war overseas, hosting a political show and chasing down members of Congress, my body and emotional wellbeing took years of abuse. I slept little, worked way too much, and stress was so incessant I didn’t even realize it was a part of my life until it wasn’t anymore. I was always chasing a story, fretting over deadlines and eating only foods that I could inhale on the way to my next assignment. Mindful chewing, nutrient content and essential minerals weren't even a part of my vocabulary. ​

While gaining or losing 10 pounds in a couple of months seemed normal to me (it's not), my health also suffered in other, less obvious ways. I had hormonal issues, irregular periods, acne and lots of highs and lows. I thought it was just my genes, out of my control and curable only with prescription drugs, so I ignored it. ​

Then I met my now husband and started thinking about kids. Once we got engaged, I finally went to a doctor and was told that having children would be difficult, if not impossible with my hormonal imbalance. She suggested hormone pills, but as a person who refuses even Tylenol, I decided there must be a better way to heal my body.

I read books. Lots of books and articles and testimonials. I went from being an unhealthy vegetarian, who substituted pasta and pizza for meat, to a mindful, plant-based eater who cared about what was fueling my body. I immediately felt the difference in my mood, energy and body. 

We got pregnant on our honeymoon. My doctor was shocked and my friends and family were in disbelief. I know it was my dietary and overall health changes that changed the course of my life. 

After having kids, I let my old habits resurface. I immediately felt the impact on my body and emotions. Finally, I decided something had to change and I left the world of news and deadlines to embark on the greatest learning experience of my life: becoming a holistic health and life coach. 

I've studied over 100 dietary theories, so I'm familiar with almost every get-thin-quick scheme out there. I've probably tried half of them myself. The reason why there are so many is because no one diet works for every person. We have different enzymes, different gut bacteria, different genes and we need to find out what works for you. 

I know you have the tools already to reach your health and life goals. But, just as even the best journalists need great editors to keep them on track and focused, we all need a coach to help us realize our potential and fulfill it. 

I spent the first half of my career reporting stories and now I want to help write yours. As a certified integrative health coach and a trained investigative journalist, I will work with you to clarify and refine your health and life goals so we can develop a strategy to bring them to FRUITion.

Your plate of food is only one aspect of health. I want your plate of life to be ever abundant and nourishing. When you're living your authentic life and fulfilling all of your needs, you'll find that eating healthy, life-giving food isn't a sacrifice, but a gift to yourself.

It’s time to reclaim your health and give the same attention to your body, your mind and your soul that you give to your family's needs. You help them. Let me help you. 


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